Five years I can't believe it

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Five years I can't believe it

Everyone is saying, "Five years I can‘t believe it". But the world has changed forever since Michael left it. It is like sorrows have fallen upon sorrows and the "love and peace days" have fallen into "hate and war".

And oh how many have fallen since. One can only look to the hope of God and the endurance of the human spirit to make sense of it all. But what has come through the grief and pain of losing Michael is a realization of the absolute preciousness of the irreplaceable. Michael’s spirit was unique so was his artistry. His presence in the world seemed to make it that much more of an interesting place. How little he understood the extent to which he was treasured by so many. Yet we do have precious memories that can never be taken from us. Memories of his impish exploits, his boyish charm, his tender moments with family, friends and fans, his robust energy as a great rock and roll performer, the beautiful nuances and individual creative expressions adorning his songs and his unique warm vocal timbre that could rise from the whisper of "Come over here" to the energy of "Girl on fire!". Through it all we have learnt about the preciousness of life, the adoration for God-given talent, the amazing ability of the human heart to go on, the tragic nature of human loss, and the hope and joy brought into the world by his innocent and adorably-cute offspring.

So today is perhaps a time for quiet reflection, a time to honor Michael’s amazing life achievements, to pray for his little girl, Tiger, and to pray for comfort and peace for his family. Hey and it’s a time to hear once again Michael’s victory cry of "Here we go!" over the din of the crowd and the opening riffs of "Guns in the Sky" at Wembley Arena on that amazing day. So turn on and turn up... and live, Baby, live, because Michael Kelland Hutchence can always "Stay Young" in our hearts and minds.

Dennis Ian Patterson, 22nd November, 2002

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