It's OK to feel sad today

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It's OK to feel sad today

"Sad" is a word to describe feelings of sorrow, grief for someone you have lost. It is a legitimate and important emotion. You can't really feel loss unless you have loved first. If you want to avoid the "sad" emotion, then never love someone in the first place. The more we love someone, the more sorrow we feel if that person is taken from us.

Michael was loved and admired by so many people... and today is the third anniversary of the day he left us. So around the world, on this day, there is a feeling of sorrow. This year our sorrow is added to by the passing of Michael's love, Paula Yates.

Our love and prayers go out today to dear little Tiger, to dear Kell and Susie, Rhett, Patricia and Tina, and all of Michael's extended family, the beautiful guys in INXS, and Michael's closest friends. May God continue to heal the broken hearted, may we all look forward with hope, and may that hope help sustain a precious little girl.

We are privileged to bring you exclusive photos of our precious little girl (Note: the pictures have been moved to the pictures section). We pray her infectious smile will lift your spirits on what is a particularly hard day for us all.

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