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Since Kelland Hutchence, the father of rock icon Michael aHutchence, opened his son's award winning Memorial Website, tens of thousands of fans around the globe have logged on to browse through a virtual memorial fashioned with graphics, text, video and sound files. The website forms a lasting tribute to Michael Hutchence's life and music. A moving aspect of the memorial is the thousands of warm tributes left in the site's guest book.

So overwhelming has been the response that Kelland has collaborated with Swiss web designers Mario and Jacky Ferrari and INXS enthusiast Ange Perou to form the Official Michael Hutchence Fan Club. The common vision is to bring together in cyber space Michael's dedicated friends and fans from around the world in a spirit of adoration and celebration. The Fan Club will be officially launched on Thursday 8th June, 2000 as part of a festive activities celebrating the reopening of Sydney's Hard Rock Café.

Closed since being damaged by a serious fire in July 1999, the Hard Rock Café is also playing its part to honour Michael as one of the world's greatest rock performers. In front of an audience of invited guests, a spectacular ceiling mural will be unveiled that pays homage to a number of timeless "rock heaven" legends including Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Michael Hutchence and Kurt Cobain. The rock legends are all painted as angels with wings and halos – a spiritual reminder of their remarkable talent and the devoted love their fans still have for them. Aussies are justifiably very proud that their own Michael is up there with the best of them.

We wish to thank Jonas Olander, General Manager of the Hard Rock Cafe and Marketing Manager Victoria Moss, for their kindness and thoughtfulness in displaying some of Michael's memorabilia as well as for their vision in placing Michael in the "ceiling of rock angels".

Applications to the fanclub can be made through a new website which will be announced shortly at

Ange Perou
Michael Hutchence Fan Club
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