Remembering Michael with Thanksgiving

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Remembering Michael with Thanksgiving

Is it a coincidence that we are remembering precious Michael Hutchence and the tenth anniversary of his sad passing, on the same day as Thanksgiving in the USA? Today we are thankful that we have shared in the life of an amazing man.

Michael is a son, a grandson, a brother, a daddy, a cousin, a nephew, an uncle, a band mate, a dear friend, a former partner, and to millions around the world, a rock icon. His legacy lives on, and as so many others have said before, we are truly blessed to have had him in our lives.

Michael adored his family and particularly little Tiger. He was so besotted by her, spending hours playing with her during the days he was not recording or on tour, fascinated that she had been born perfect in everyway. He loved her little gurgling ways and her calm temperament that caused her never to complain. He thought she was a perfect baby, able to go to anyone who reached out their arms to her. Tiger Lily changed Michael into a doting caring family man and reshaped his understanding of what it meant to be a male.

Michael adored his immediate family, Kelland, Susie, Patricia, Tina and Rhett and treasured a circle of faithful friends. The tragic loss of Michael is still monumental but greater is the dear memories of his presence on this earth. Always missed always loved; may God give him eternal rest and peace.

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