Remembering Kell Hutchence

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Remembering Kell Hutchence

Kelland Hutchence, beloved father of Michael and Rhett, husband to Susie and grandfather to Tiger, left us on this day in 2002.

Six years have passed by so rapidly, but it seems like yesterday when you would take time out to meet with Michael's overseas fans for lunch at Dee Bee's. You always had a smile on your face and an encouraging word to those who were feeling the sorrow of loss.  Their loss was small in comparison to yours, yet you never let that unspeakable loss take away your own heart of compassion and love for others.  Is it any wonder that you had the love and respect of Michael and so many of his closest friends.

For those of us who had the privilege of knowing you, you were such an inspiration and a delight to be with.  But it was your dear wife Susie who supported you, stood by your side in the darkest of hours.  Your love and devotion for her was obvious to all and it is to her, on this precious day that we ask God's blessing and providential care. Susie too carries on with that same hope and strength in spirit that rises above the sorrow of the past and looks ahead in hope to when every tear will be wiped away.

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