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In the Wake of the Largest Natural Disaster in Living Memory
How eerie and timely our Christmas message appeal was, calling on us all to support Red Cross and other disaster agencies who work around the world. Our story of a storm at sea washing up millions of starfish will probably seem contrived to readers reading it now for the first time, but we actually published it on Michael's Memorial Site one day before the disaster actually struck. We now appeal again for all of Michael's fans to show their generosity and give freely to help those in desperate need in the Indian Ocean rim. Michael loved the Asian Pacific region and often holiday there.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to all those tens of thousands of people who have been affected.
Christmas Greetings 2004
You may have heard the story of a little guy throwing starfish into the ocean. An over night storm had swept millions of them onto the beach and he was throwing some of them back in. [more...]
Remembering Kelland Hutchence12.12.2004
Remembering Kelland Hutchence
The memory of a sweet spirited person is always a precious thing to hold in your heart. On this day two years ago we lost a dear husband, father, brother, grandfather, loyal friend. Kelland Hutchence is greatly missed. His laughter and impish grin, his loving heart and gentle manner will never be forgotten. He was taken from pain and heartache to the blessings of eternal rest.
Ask Richard Lowenstein a question
Richard Lowenstein was a close friend to Michael Hutchence. Richard also happens to be one of Australia's most talented film directors. Most will be familiar with his production work on many award winning INXS videos as well as the writer/producer of Michael's first feature film, "Dogs In Space". As a special tribute to Michael and as a lead up to his 45th birthday celebrations in January, Richard has agreed to answer questions from fans regarding his INXS videos and his association with Michael and INXS. Keep watching to see the first of these articles. You can direct your questions to Richard Lowenstein by sending a message to Please put 'Lowenstein' in your subject header and include your full name and town/country of residence in the body of your mail. For further information visit
Remembering Michael Hutchence
The 22nd November means many different things to many people. It was the day in 1963 that John F Kennedy was assassinated. It is Thanksgiving Day in the US (whenever it falls on Thursday). In the Christian Roman Church calendar it is still celebrated as Saint Cecilia Day, who is the Patron Saint of poetry and music. [more...]
Gathering in Sydney
Saturday, 20 November 2004, 8 pm at the Hard Rock Cafe, 121 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia. For further information contact Ange: phone 0414 554 122.
Max Q Audio Streams20.10.2004
Max Q Audio Streams
The full streams to each Max Q track including the rare Love Man B-side are now available. For those who don't have the album take a listen and realise that this album was way ahead of it's time. Go to the Max Q page
Relaunch of
We are pleased to announce the launch of the re-styled Official Michael Hutchence Memorial Site. [more...]
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily
Precious Princess whose spirit is so young, innocent and care-free. Out of the phoenix of such sad loss your life will be lovingly shaped and moulded by the caring grace of God. You are adored and treasured always. Happy Birthday Tiger!
Kelland Hutchence
You lived each day as an adventure. Your mind never stopped ticking over as to what you could achieve next. You loved life with a passion and you were always generous with your time to those you gave strength to along the way. You never lost your dignity, your heart of love or your hope in the future. You were a gentleman, an intellectual, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a friend. Your smile was kind, warm and genuine. You will always be joyfully celebrated and sadly missed. Happy birthday Kell.
Michael's 44th Birthday Celebration
Thursday, 22nd January, 2004, 8 pm, at Hard Rock Café, 121 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia [more...]