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Name James mana, 26.03.2014
From St. Louis, mo
Comment I miss Michael and his energy on and off stage. He gave so much of himself, I wish he knew how much all of us live and miss him. He was gone too soon, but will never be forgotten!
RIP Michael we will never forget you!!
Name Linda, 15.03.2014
From Australia
Comment Michael, you are a beautiful man as well as an ever so talented singer and songwriter. Thank you for being you and INXS for your music, it is helping me through my grandfather's death at the moment which is one of the worst times in my life and I am eternally thankful. "Beyond the world as we know it, there is a place where we will all meet again, where we never have to say good-bye". I love you Hutch, rest in peace xo
Name Natalie, 11.03.2014
From Sydney, Australia
Comment Since Stay Young I've been hooked on INXS and have seen them live many times. Was always drawn to Michael, felt connected through his music and around the time he was with Kylie I was in a similar relationship situation with another Michael who I was completely in love with and who is now my husband. I remember where I was when I heard the news of Michael Hutchence's tragic death and years later my hubby and I won tickets to an INXS gig in Wollongong with JD Fortune up front. The band was great as always and JD did an amazing job, but it just wasn't the same without Michael. I even cried during some songs that could only ever be sung by Michael. It was such a moving experience for me. The Never Tear us Apart mini series has stirred it all up again for me, the memories, the loss and the joy that Michael and INXS brought into my life. They provided the soundtrack to my youth and I'll never get over Michaels passing. Rest in peace you beautiful man, we miss you so much. May you never be alone in the dark any more.
Name Sandra, 09.03.2014
From Argentina
Comment We love you so much Michael. You are really missed, you'll always be. Rest in peace, wait for us to join you
Name Grace, 08.03.2014
From Perth, Australia
Comment I miss you Hutch. Thank you for all the memories we had together. You showed me what happiness was. Love you and miss you every day Mikey x
Name Grace, 06.03.2014
From Perth, Australia
Comment Michael, I love you so much! You are such an inspiration to me. Hope heavens going well buddy! You probably have people telling you this all the time, but you were dead sexy. Your the cover of all my backgrounds and INXS music is all I have listened too since I was 8! Love you big time xxx
Name Adam, 03.03.2014
From Thailand / Australia
Comment Not long after being "by your side" in that immigration line in Denpasar airport with Tiger Lily and Pamela.
Will never forget the look of joy on your faces.
Only weeks later you left this mortal coil for other pastures.
Truly a legend. RIP Michael.
Name Karen Smith, 02.03.2014
From Perth Western Australia
Comment The recent screening of the INXS telemovie has stirred up a lot of emotions I have held onto from the untimely death of Michael. It has made me realise what a great musician he was and the role INXS played in forming the Australian culture as it is today. I remember vividly seeing them in concert in 1985 in Tasmania and have been a lifelong fan. Not only was Michael charismatic, sexy he also seemed humble,compassionate and very intelligent. I have been doing research on line and listening to the music of INXS again for the last few weeks. I remember being very upset when he passed, but these feelings have surfaced again. We have to be grateful for the wonderful music he left behind and to celebrate his life. I hope his lovely daughter knows how much he must have loved her and wish her a lifetime of happiness and joy.
Thanks to you Michael for making the world a better place, you will always be missed by many but live on through your music. Karen
Name Rachael, 02.03.2014
From Australia
Comment I have strong memories of Michael and INXS from my teenage years which have recently been awakened by the recent screening of Never Tear Us Apart. I am now enjoying the music all over again. As an adult I am appreciating how talented Inxs and Michael particularly are and were. I remember precisely when Michael died and so pleased he now seems to be receiving the positive recognition he greatly deserves. Thankyou Michael for sharing your talent with us and so much of yourself. You are missed.
Name philip harland, 02.03.2014
From brighton, uk
Comment Hey Mr M, I miss u. Thanks for being a part of my life. Pjh
Name EdelAnna Zimprich, 01.03.2014
From Germany,Obergrenzebach
Comment Thank you for being here and for the wonderful music-I love ya
Name cheryl franklin, 27.02.2014
From wollongong
Comment My daughter and i have been massive fans of INXS for all of time, Michael was such an inspiring guy and most things he sang about rang true ( regarding my life) Michael will never be forgotten, and always will be remembered, through his music, Tiger and every memory we all have of him
Name Debra lowe, 25.02.2014
From Ballina nsw
Comment What A Very Special Human Being Michael Was. And Remains In The Hearts Of Many!, Such A Treasure, And A Great Loss.. Many Blessings To his Loved Ones, Your Loss Is Mammoth. He Would Be Dancing and Singing Somewhere up There. Xoxx. R.I.P.
Name Grace Bedell, 25.02.2014
From Harrington, NSW
Comment These last few weeks with Never Tear Us Apart and the Sunday night special! have brought back the memories and the fantastic music back to our lives. My first day with my late husband was an INXS concert in March 1991. So have spent the last week or so searching you tube and google for anything and found this beautiful website. Michael was loved so much by his family, band mates and friends and fans he is soo missed but the music lives on. Thanks for this chance
Name Krystyna, 25.02.2014
From Sydney
Comment Michael was such a bright light and so talented with oodles of charisma. It is so sad that he, as do so many shining lights, have tortuous self doubt and the flame is extinguished too soon. Love and light
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