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Name Ioan, 21.11.2014
From Wales
Comment Along with Jim Morrison, Michael was the greatest front man of all time. I listen to him all the time and I never tire of his superb voice and utter genius. I still can't believe he's gone.
Name Karyn, 21.11.2014
From New Zealand
Comment 17 years ago today god held your hand, gave you angel wings and took you to heaven. Little did he know how many hearts would be broken in the process. But he knew those hearts would slowly heal with time, in the knowledge that you were now free. We miss you every day and our love for you is never ending. Our love and thoughts are always with your family and friends. Fly free Michael and forever shine bright, I will always love your precious heart . Karyn
Name Sharen, 21.11.2014
From Van Fossen
Comment Michael Hutchence’s phenomenal and timeless legacy is best understood by his profound music.

Michael, you’re our Shining Star, The Messenger, The Loved One who was Heaven Sent. You taught us to have Faith In Each Other. You truly cared about others, led a Wild Life with Good and Bad Times, and kept Searching for the One Thing of What Love Is. You're so much larger than life, and we love to Hear That Sound of your incredible voice, heart-felt lyrics, and unique songs that transcend traditional music.

Regrettably, with fame came the unrelenting thunder and Tiny Daggers of a media storm and personal strife that Cut Your Roses Down, and you’re the one Who Pays The Price. Very few realized you were Just A Man and how much you suffered inside. Tragically, you had Not Enough Time on Earth, as you felt you could not Put The Pieces Back Together of your shattered life and didn’t see the Possibilities other than to Kill The Pain and Slide Away. You prophetically sang in your song, Never Tear Us Apart: “I told you if we could fly, cause we all have wings, but some of us don’t know why”. We hope you were able to Make Your Peace and obtain Freedom Deep within you.

You greatly loved your Beautiful Girl, Tiger, as she was Everything to you. It’s unfortunate that you’re not here to share your life with her.

Michael, you're sadly missed and you will never Disappear in our hearts. All Around, you have made the world a better place with The Gift of your beautiful voice and extraordinary music that’s still Calling All Nations and continues to touch the lives of millions. You will Stay Forever Young and your legacy will live on forever.

Sharen Van Fossen

Name Terri, 21.11.2014
From Canada :)
Comment Has it really been 17 years? This is the day that I try to forget and only remember your birthday.. but I cant. Today is the day that I miss your presence on this earth. Missing you and remembering you always with love, Terri xxo
Name Christine, 21.11.2014
From Perth WA
Comment Miss you........
All my love xxxxx
Name Karina O'Rourke, 21.11.2014
From Ontario, Canada
Comment Dear Michael,
We miss you as much as we love you. 17 years gone, but never forgotten. I've been hearing your music a lot lately and at the most unbelievable times. I keep wondering if you have a hand in it. My answer is usually met by another song! I so want to believe it's you. My thoughts are with your family, friends and fans today (Sydney time).
Name Cynthia, 21.11.2014
From Toronto, Ontario Canada
Comment Dear Michael,

There's no bitter tears here...but, I will definitely, hear that sound today.

We love you...we miss you.
Name John Sposato, 21.11.2014
From Syracuse, NY, USA
Comment It's that time of year, one of several anniversaries within two months time (both famous and non-famous). This one always stands out for me. Last week I was fortunate to finally find a good copy of Listen Like Thieves and I know Michael would have wanted me to have it in time for today.
I'll be back here in January for the other day.
Name Karyn, 21.11.2014
From Acacia Gardens NSW Australia
Comment Hello my beautiful Michael, You are so sadly missed and will be forever. I listen to your music every day. Through watching your interviews and listening to your beautiful voice, I feel like you are still here and that I know you. You have this effect on so many people which shows just how special and what a loving, caring and beautiful soul you are... I will be at your memorial in a few hours time 22/11/14, so until I meet you in heaven, I will love you forever. All My Love Always, Karyn. xxx
Name Ewan, 21.11.2014
From Scotland
Comment RIP Michael. Your music lives on and always will!
Name Joanne, 21.11.2014
From Melbourne
Comment Michael, another year has passed, you will live on forever through you music. Missing you today and always xxx
Name Felecia, 21.11.2014
From NZ :)
Comment Thinking of you Michael as the anniversary of your passing is tomorrow :( :( I hope you are at peace you touched many people with your music and your amazing talent so charasmatic so talented :) there will never be another Michael hutchence amazing man gone but never forgotten R I P God Bless xo
Name Barbara Parsons, 11.11.2014
From USA
Comment Hard to believe that it has been 16 years since Micheals passing. I remember the day I heard of the suicide I could not believe it. Thought it was a mean joke; but obviously it wasn't. I remember I had planned on getting tickets for the group Inxs to do a Summer tour in the US. But that did not happen. He is greatly missed and every year I think of when he passed away on this date. Don't know if anyone else does. But I do...His music is what connected me to my brother's Australian boss in Washington,DC... RIP MICHEAL WE ALL MISS YOU EVERY YEAR & DAY!!
Name Chrissy Martin, 11.11.2014
From Wonglepong,Qld,Australia
Comment Just watched an ABC doco on Micheal.Dates sent a shiver.I was born in 1960.My son was born 22nd of January,is now 15 yrs old.I was married on 22nd of November 1997.Have a deep feeling :-) all good RIP Micheal.
Name Franco DiMarco, 11.11.2014
From Malibu California
Comment May you rest in peace. I felt your pain.
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