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Name Ewan, 21.11.2014
From Scotland
Comment RIP Michael. Your music lives on and always will!
Name Joanne, 21.11.2014
From Melbourne
Comment Michael, another year has passed, you will live on forever through you music. Missing you today and always xxx
Name Felecia, 21.11.2014
From NZ :)
Comment Thinking of you Michael as the anniversary of your passing is tomorrow :( :( I hope you are at peace you touched many people with your music and your amazing talent so charasmatic so talented :) there will never be another Michael hutchence amazing man gone but never forgotten R I P God Bless xo
Name Barbara Parsons, 11.11.2014
From USA
Comment Hard to believe that it has been 16 years since Micheals passing. I remember the day I heard of the suicide I could not believe it. Thought it was a mean joke; but obviously it wasn't. I remember I had planned on getting tickets for the group Inxs to do a Summer tour in the US. But that did not happen. He is greatly missed and every year I think of when he passed away on this date. Don't know if anyone else does. But I do...His music is what connected me to my brother's Australian boss in Washington,DC... RIP MICHEAL WE ALL MISS YOU EVERY YEAR & DAY!!
Name Chrissy Martin, 11.11.2014
From Wonglepong,Qld,Australia
Comment Just watched an ABC doco on Micheal.Dates sent a shiver.I was born in 1960.My son was born 22nd of January,is now 15 yrs old.I was married on 22nd of November 1997.Have a deep feeling :-) all good RIP Micheal.
Name Franco DiMarco, 11.11.2014
From Malibu California
Comment May you rest in peace. I felt your pain.
Name Claire, 11.11.2014
From England
Comment It's so very odd to me that a man I greatly admire sadly passed away before I was even born. The music he produced along with his fellow band members was so full of life and a wonderful legacy he has left behind. He was such a talented man and I know that I will carry the joy of his music along with me throughout the rest of my life.
Name Lesley, 09.11.2014
From Fortebraccio
Comment I miss you Michael Hutchence!!!!
Name Lisa Wattage-Brooks, 09.11.2014
From Pennsylvania
Comment Michael you are sadly missed . Every time I listen to your music I smile for you will never be forgotten. I will always remember seeing INXS in Philadelphia and enjoying every minute of this beautiful group.
With sincere love
Name Beth , 09.11.2014
From South Carolina
Comment I am sorry that you are no longer here to enjoy your family and your life. It is very sad for all concerned. Rest in Peace!
Name Beau Blanchard, 07.11.2014
From Oakland, California
Comment I grew up listening to Michael's music, and revisiting his work always brings me such joy. He always seemed so genuine, passionate, hard working, and caring - both for his craft and in life. All my best to his friends and family. He will always be missed, but I take comfort in celebrating everything he accomplished. Thanks.
Name Mike Cusack, 05.11.2014
From Conway Ar
Comment Thank goodness for the digital age. It's the reason Michael & his talent will never be forgotten.
Whenever I happen to listen to Michael's talent, its so hard to let go.
Michael's ripples will forever be felt in my heart.
Name Mona Signorelli, 23.10.2014
From Phoenix, AZ
Comment Just watched a movie about Michael. Never tear us apart. What a talent! Beautiful beautiful voice.
All I can say is the Lord needed the lead singer for his choir.And he choose Michael...God bless.
Name Andrea, 20.10.2014
From Switzerland
Comment As the rainbow faded, the albatross came and carried me with gentle wings far beyond the seven seas.
Gingerly he let me down at the edge of the light. I walked in and felt secure.

I have not forsaken you, I'm only one step ahead of you.
Name Wendi, 16.10.2014
Comment Michael, every now and then a star appears and shines so bright its beautiful light touches those it falls upon. Sadly for those of us who are lucky enough to experience that brilliance, the shear energy of said light cannot sustain for long and we are left mourning that loss.

Though I never met you, your brilliance touched me in so many ways and plays a large part in my best memories.

Sadly you are in good company up there in the sky, where after all, the stars belong. Illumination that sadly went out too soon.
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