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Name Olympia, 22.11.2014
From Greece
Comment 17 years without you,Michael...and always the same will never die in our hearts..never..
Name jeanine, 22.11.2014
From United States
Comment Still love you and miss your presence in this world. Thank you for the gift you left behind in your music.
Name Nelia, 22.11.2014
From Toronto Ontario Canada
Comment Every year I miss ur smile and voice more. As long as I exist you will never be abandoned to mortality. Your music, love for life and You will never be forgotten.
May God keep you safe.
Love and Peace Michael.
Name Christine Burton, 22.11.2014
From Collaroy Australia
Comment To Michael's dear daughter, family, INXS and friends I'm so sorry for your loss - the years pass but time does not forget - I'm sorry for your pain it must be great. But know Michael is loved by so many people who never even meet him - for they can see beauty in his soul & how much he gave to the world to make it a better place and bring hope & happiness into peoples lives.
Also, thank you to Mario, Jacqui & Ian for looking after this guestbook treasured by so many and Michael's Memorial site.
Name Christine Burton, 22.11.2014
From Collaroy
Comment Dearest Michael
The Night has stopped,
Tears of dust.
Not a breath passes my eyes.
Oriental Lilies,
Purple bursts to the ground.
Black dog barks but is silent tonight;
For you are home amongst the Angels singing new songs to raise the Heavens.
Your words on our lips keep us safe forever.
precious words you sing carry me on;
these no resting place for some, but, look we must. Wild delights!
Michael Miss you Love you.
Hope you have found your resting place.

Name Esmee, 22.11.2014
From Amsterdam
Comment Memory so sweet and true from those who think the world of you,
xxx Esmee
Name Vitor, 22.11.2014
From Portugal
Comment Miss you Hutch! Miss you a lot! You are my Shining Star! "Never tear us apart"
Name Vitor, 22.11.2014
From Magalhaes
Comment Miss you Hutch! Miss you a lot. You are my Shining Star! Forever.... "never tear us apart"
Name Regula, 22.11.2014
From Switzerland
Comment never forget!!!!
Name Miriam, 22.11.2014
From Spain
Comment Michael, 17 years old I had when you died and today is the 17th aniversary. I hate this number.
I only want you know I don´t forget you and next year I´m going to make you the visit and to settle the outstanding account that I have there in Australia.
Name Rhonda, 22.11.2014
From North Carolina, USA
Comment If we have the privilege of living long enough, we're so very fortunate to meet a few beautiful souls who touch our lives in some amazing way; when they do, we don't ever forget them. Sometimes, it's someone we don't ever meet in person, but a famous person - a singer, an artist, a musician, someone like the loved one - our dear Michael. Since that shocking day 17 years ago when Australia, then the rest of the world learned Michael left this life, so much has changed. However, the one thing which remained constant all these years in my life has been a constant love for Michael and his band brothers, INXS music. For that, I thank you all. For so many years, Michael's voice, his written words transformed to beautifully sung lyrics set to music, have been an anchor in my life - celebrating in good times and helping weather bad storms as well. I never was able to see INXS perform live with Michael fronting my favorite band. I was never able to see INXS at all until I dealt with some health issues and a lifelong desire to travel to Australia gave me the opportunity to see the band live seven years ago, then again in the USA three years ago. Yet, I am grateful for you bearing your soul to the world on stage and on camera so people like me could hear you sing on MTV, watch interviews, see concert clips, etc. Never in my wildest dreams did I think two days before my first-born son's 10th birthday, I would be up late planning a party, watching MTV when I heard the news. Shock, grief, devastation, denial, even anger were normal emotions felt over the next few days, weeks and months until I, like so many fans, in many ways, learned to accept what still seems so hard to believe - that we lost someone we loved - Michael. And over the years since this horrific day 17 years ago, we have moved on but never forgotten him. His voice is eternal through the music, through the recordings Michael so generously gave us. Thank you for that, Michael Each year on this date as well as his birthday, so many fans, myself included, pause to celebrate and pay tribute to his life. And although Michael is thought of fondly more than I ever thought imaginable, I want to think of him with gratitude and positivity. Thinking of his family and closest friends, his band of brothers, and all my fellow INXS fans around the world today as we collectively think of Michael. You are truly missed and forever loved, Michael. xx
Name Cathy Vander Woerd, 22.11.2014
From California USA
Comment Thinking of you today and everyday. You will never be forgotten!! Look at how so many love you!!
Name Lesley aka Aussierocks, 22.11.2014
From Adelaide Australia
Comment Once again a year has gone by since I last wrote here in the guestbook. A year in which Michael and INXS have been on the lips, in the press, and on TV throughout the world, thanks to the TV series, INXS - Never Tear Us Apart. Hopefully new fans have been enlightened to what a amazing artist Michael was, and still is. And why so many of us long time fans, still continue to love and adore our Hutch. It is hard to think 17 years have gone by since that day that changed everything. Today I am grateful for what Michael has given me, which are amazing INXS friends from near and far, some I have been friends with for over ten years now, some I have met some I am yet to meet. Michael has also given me the pleasure of knowing and sharing special moments with his Band brothers over the past 8 years. I have had the pleasure of holding two Memorial Fan weekends in Sydney to celebrate and remember Michael's life. I hope to do it again in 3 years time. Michael you are and will forever be remembered . You are loved and Missed always. RIP. Aussie xx
Name Teresa Jones, 22.11.2014
From Un ited States (Missouri)
Comment 17 years today we lost you Michael, and still I haven't forgotten. Such a Beautiful soul, gone too soon! Love and Miss you forever!
Name Yoshi, 22.11.2014
From Japan
Comment 17 years ago today, so sad day...
I always miss your smile, Michael.
I wish your soul is calm and happy now for ever.
love you the sweetest man xxx
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