Press statement by Kelland Hutchence and Patricia Glassop

On behalf of the entire Hutchence family, we are extrememly shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden death of our son.

Michael was an inspiring talent who touched many people around the world with his work and will be greatly missed. 

To us, and everyone else close to him, he was a vibrant human being, with an immense heart full of love. 

As we try to come to terms with our tragedy, we ask that the media please respect the memory of Michael and leave us to grieve in peace.

On behalf of INXS

The band members of INXS are all in extreme shock at the loss of their dear friend, Michael Hutchence. Their love and sympathy go out to Michael's family. They ask that the media please, in the time of extreme grief, act with courtesy and grace, and respect both Michael Hutchence's family's privacy, as well as their own. 

At this point in time they have no further comment.

Martha Troup, INXS Manager

There are no words to express the loss of someone like Michael. He was an amazingly kind and loving soul who touched the hearts of all who knew him.

His was a unique and unrivalled talent which greatly inspired many. 

We were blessed to have Michael in this world and he will be forever missed and loved.

CM Murphy, former Manager of INXS

Michael Hutchence and INXS made an immense impact on my and my family's life. A piece of our hearts was sliced away yesterday on the news of Michael's death.

I will always remember vividly the night Michael and I sat up into the wee hours of the morning in some strange hotel somewhere in the world, philosophising on when it would be that a generation with thought to all people and the planet would take charge of politics.

The sad thing is we calculated that although we would be grandparents by then we would still be alive to see the change.

Shawn Deacon, Publicist for INXS

The manager of INXS, Matha Troup, and the five band members, Tim Farriss, Andrew Farriss, Garry Gary Beers, Kirk Pengilly and John Farriss, wish it to be known that the band is not auditioning for replacement singers following the recent death of their close friend and professional colleague, Michael Hutchence, as reported in last weekend's Sidney Sun Herald. 

The article that ran in the newspaper has released an unprecedented flood of media and public inquires (some wanting to audition) which the band fell is necessary to stem. 

The band is still deep in a mourning phase of grief and request that media speculation about their future plans be put aside for the time being. They have currently made no other plans other than to take a big break.